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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Law

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Law - Constance E. Bagley, Craig E. Dauchy A must-read for anyone starting a business. This book contains a solid introduction to just about all the common legal and business issues you need to be aware of. Despite having worked at startups for years and having done a fair bit of research on my own, I was amazed by how much I still didn't know (and didn't know that I didn't know).

The book is comprehensive and works both as an introductory read and a reference manual. It manages to strike a good balance between being technically (and legally) accurate, but still fairly readable. It's not exactly exciting reading, but still far better than trying to work your way through actual legal documents. There are tons of real-world examples ("from the trenches") and a single hypothetical example that is developed throughout the book, both of which are very helpful in seeing how the laws work in practice. The only downside is that this book makes you realize how complex some of these laws are and that, despite reading this book, you'll still need to consult with a lawyer. But at least now you know what to ask.